E3's Affordable EMC Pre-Compliance Testing Helps to Find Potential EMC Issues

E3's Affordable EMC Pre-Compliance Testing Helps to Find Potential EMC Issues712370

E3 performs EMC pre-compliance testing to help the customers identify potential EMC issues. It does this in a cost-effective way by focusing on risk areas and quickly fixing issues that it finds during testing. It takes less time and costs less than a traditional compliance test phase. The E3 team helps customers save time and money with its process. 

By focusing on the risk areas and performing testing in a shorter time frame E3 often saves at least one product design iteration. As issues are identified the team has a full line-up of EMC troubleshooting tools to locate the source of the failure. In addition to the tools, E3 has a large number of in-house component kits to prototype solutions and retest.

Some key facts about E3's pre-compliance process include:

  • Discovering product EMC issues quickly
  • Finding the root cause by understanding the physics and fixing issues within the same test phase
  • Performing over-testing to ensure sufficient design margin and confirm improvements
  • Enabling customers to move forward confidently into their compliance test phase


E3 routinely performs the following tests in its lab:

Automotive OEM Tests

  • Arrival (ATDETP0048)
  • BMW (GS95002, GS95003, GS95024)
  • Daimler (MBN_10284)
  • Daimler Truck (DTNA 49-00085)
  • FCA (CS-00054)
  • Fisker (C1.810.EMC.100)  
  • Ford (CS-EMC-2009, FMC 1278)  
  • GM (GMW 3097, GMW 3172)
  • Harley Davidson (EG-812-22614 EE) EMC & (EG-812-22613) Electrical
  • Honda (per product specification)  
  • Hyundai (ES96200)
  • Jaguar Land Rover (JLR-EMC-CS)
  • John Deere (JDQ202 & JDQ 203)
  • Mazda (PW67602)
  • Navistar (DR100159-05)
  • PACCAR (CPP0xxxtct, CS0xxxtct, CTS0XXXtct)
  • PSA (B21 7110)
  • Renault/Nissan (EMC1_28401NDS02 & RNDS-C-00517 & 36-00-808)
  • Rivian (RLVE-DOC)
  • Stellantis/FCA (CS-00054)
  • Subaru  (TS_YKB_002)
  • Tesla (TS-0000048-07) 
  • Toyota (TSC0501G, TSC0502, TSC0504)  
  • Volvo EMC (31850329) 
  • VW (TL965, TL81000, TL82066, TL82166, TL82366, TL82466, TL82566)

  Automotive International Tests

  • CISPR 25 – Component level emission
  • ISO 11452 – Component level immunity
  • ISO 14982 – Agricultural & Forestry
  • ISO 7637 – Component level transients
  • ISO 16750 – Component level electrical loads
  • ISO 10605 – Component level Electrostatic discharge
  • SAE J1113 – EMC for components of vehicles, boats, and machines

CE-Mark Related Tests (E3 does not certify products)

Medical EMC Tests

IEC 60601-1-2

FCC Tests

Aerospace EMC Tests

  •  DO-160

Defense EMC Tests

  • MIL-STD-461

Automation & Instrumentation

  •   DNV 2.4

Residential & Industrial EMC

External Power Supply for data-enabled mobile phones

  • IEC 62684

Electric Meters / Power Meters

  • ANSI C12.1

Integrated Circuits

  • IEC 61967

Shielding Effectiveness

  • ANSI/SCTE 48-# - Cable & Enclosure Shielding

EMC Pre-compliance Testing Success Stories

The E3 team had a customer request pre-compliance testing and the results showed radiated emissions failures. The team performed a design review of the schematics and PCB layout where it identified the source of the failures. The customer implemented the design recommendations and updated the product design. They built and tested the improved product and the results passed with an acceptable margin while being able to remove optional filtering components and save cost. The customer was pleased with the EMC improvements and the short timeline it was accomplished within.

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