• Interview with Jennifer Harkless from Spectrum Control

    • Product Line Manager

    EMC Directory recently interviewed Jennifer Harkless who is Product Line Manager at Spectrum Control. Spectrum Control (formerly APITech) is a world leader in technologies, components, and subsystems to manage and control the electromagnetic spectrum. Jennifer is an experienced Operational Excellenc... Read Interview

  • Interview with Parminder Singh from QAI Laboratories

    • Vice President of EMC Department

    EMC Directory recently interviewed Parminder Singh who is Vice President of the EMC Department at QAI Laboratories. QAI is a leading provider of testing, inspection, and certification services. He has over 30 years of experience in the EMC industry, specializing in electromagnetic compatibility, mil... Read Interview

  • Interview with Victor Chavez from Keystone Compliance

    • Senior EMC Testing Engineer

    EMC Directory recently interviewed Victor Chavez who is a senior EMC Testing engineer at Keystone Compliance located in Durham, North Carolina. As an expert in Electromagnetic Compatibility testing, Victor leads a team of skilled engineers, delivering constant communication and troubleshooting assis... Read Interview

  • Interview with Rick Wesselink from Kiwa Nederland B.V.

    • Commercial Manager, Wireless & EMC

    EMC Directory recently interviewed Rick Rick Wesselink who is Commercial Manager, Wireless & EMC Department at Kiwa Netherland B.V. Kiwa is a leading provider of testing, inspection, and certification services. KIWA specializes in EMC testing, ensuring products meet electromagnetic compatibility req... Read Interview

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