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EMC Test Softwares are the sofwares used to control the EMC Systems and automate the measurements of EUTs. An EMC software is used for test automation and report generation. EMC Test Softwares from the leading manufacturers are listed below. Use the parametric search tools to narrow down on products. View product details, download datasheets and get quotes on EMC Test Software that you need.

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What is EMC Test Software?

EMC test software is the software used to semi or fully automate the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emissions and immunity tests. The purpose of EMC testing is to ensure electrical and electronic equipment is safe and does not interfere with the normal operation of other equipment, as well as testing if a device is immune to the presence of electromagnetic disturbance.

EMC software is provided with instrument driver libraries, specification libraries, test setup libraries, and function libraries. This enables automated EMC testing and report generation for all types of users, from corporate to professional test laboratories. EMC test software frees up the EMC test engineer from annoying tasks such as EUT monitoring, writing test reports, keeping track of measurement data, and waiting time. Thus, it reduces the EMC testing time and report preparation time and ensures to perform EMC tests with more efficient, more consistent, more accurate, more repeatable, less labor-intensive, and better documentation. The software for example, can have all the test cases written for certain specific EMC standards. So the test engineers can just use the pre-developed test cases rather than writing them.

Device driver libraries command the EMC instrument for performing the EMC test. Apart from this, the EMC software product delivering companies often provide customer configurable device drivers for several types of EMC instruments; to enable customers to control specific test or EUT monitoring equipment. 

Most of the EMC software supports multi-band test functionality, enabling the user to configure one test consisting of multiple frequency bands.

The EMC software is usually user-friendly and broken up into modules based on different types of EMC tests. The software usually supports all industries and international EMC emission & immunity standards as well as custom test standards.

In automated EMC testing, the test setup files are executed in series (sequence), hence, starting multiple EMC tests possible without the intervention of an engineer,    

Automatic report generation facility provides test information such as pass /fail criteria, emission and immunity curves, used test equipment, and EUT related data in a file format (Microsoft Word or Excel or PDF). It allows the test engineer only needs to add the comments and conclusion.

Usually, EMC software windows are compatible and support other OS also and come with a USB license key which enables the full functionality of the software for a single PC. In addition, the help file of the EMC software provides help instruction during the EMC test.

Before selecting the software for EMC emission and immunity testing the following point should be considered:  

  • Is software is easy to learn and use? Avoid if a high-level expert EMC engineer needed to perform EMC emission and immunity tests.
  • Does it allow some customizing of the test procedure without jeopardizing the integrity of the test results or consistency of the reporting?
  • Are common repetitive tasks like applying correction factors, maximizing signals, and generation of test reports performed automatically?
  • Is the test report provided accurately without the need for correction in the future?
  • Can test results be stored in a central database or other electronic formats for future use and reference?
  • Is automatic report generation feature?
  • Does it support all specifications and EMC standards requirements of the EUT?
  • Can the software easily adapt to the EMC standard update/changes?
  • Do the drivers meet your requirement?
  • Consider the price of the software
  • Which platform does the software work on?
  • Is the software compatible with your computer?
  • Know; which programming language will software accept
  • Does it allow the addition of libraries without hardcode changes?
  • What are all the requirements of the computer to run the software? The requirements include the type of OS, plug-in boards, I/O communications, memory requirements, GPIB, etc.

EMC software should ensure the quality of testing and reduce the testing time. Asking the right questions about the EMC software will ensure the selection of the best software. EMC Directory has listed EMC Software from the leading companies in this category.


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