• Netherlands
  • (+31)-348-20-0100
  • Vijzelmolenlaan 3, 3447 GX Woerden, The Netherlands
  • Vijzelmolenlaan 3, 3447 GX Woerden, The Netherlands
  • ISO 9001 : 2015

Company Overview

Raditeq B.V. is a commercial company based in the Netherlands and internationally active. Raditeq specializes in research and development of EMC/RF measurement equipment., The company was originally founded May 1st, 1992 under the name DARE!! The new name Raditeq was officially launched the November 16th, 2020. Raditeq and its sister company DARE!! Services still operates under the holding DARE!! B.V. Raditeq has a strong focus on RF and especially EMC. Since the release of the first product – RadiMation® – in 1995 Raditeq has a acquired a strong position in the EMC marketplace. This position has been further improved with the introduction of its first product the RadiSense® in 1995. After that several products and breakthroughs were introduced in a rapid pace. Products including the RadiPower®, RadiGen® and RadiField®.
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