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Voltage probes are the devices used to measure voltages from the device under testing. For high accuracy, the measurement device and the probes should not affect the voltage significantly. Voltage probes from the leading manufacturers are listed below. Use the parametric search tools to narrow down on products by Voltage and various other parameters. View product details, download datasheets and get quotes on Voltage probe that you need.

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Voltage Probes are measurement devices used in EMC-conducted emission testing to measure disturbance voltage levels on AC or DC supply lines, control lines, output sockets, signal lines, and PCB traces of equipment under test (EUT) or electronic systems. The voltage probe can be used with a measurement receiver or a spectrum analyzer to analyze and quantify the disturbance voltage levels, which can then be compared against the emission level limits specified in relevant EMC standards. 

Voltage probes are available in two variants – passive and active. Passive voltage probes are typically built as voltage dividers and can be used for measuring signals with large amplitudes while active voltage probes use a preamplifier in its measuring circuit that allows the measurement of millivolt (mV) level disturbance signals. 

EMC-conducted emission testing is performed to determine whether the EUT complies with the conducted emission level requirements outlined in related EMC standards. By measuring the disturbance voltage levels (i.e., conducted EMI), Voltage probes are useful instruments in this testing process to assess whether the EUT complies with the emission level requirements specified in relevant EMC standards. 

EMC Directory has listed Voltage Probes from the leading manufacturers. Use the parametric search tools to narrow down on products based on your requirements. Once you find parts that meet your requirements, view product details, download the datasheet, compare products, and request quotations. Inquiries sent via EMC Directory are directed to the manufacturers who get back to you with a quote or information.

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