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An EMC antenna is used to measure radiated immunity and emissions during EMC testing. There are various EMC antennas which are used in Anechoic chambers and open area field testing (OATS). EMC Antennas from the leading manufacturers are listed below. Use the parametric search tools to narrow down on EMC Antennas by frequency, gain and various other parameters. View product details, download datasheets and get quotes on EMC Antenna that you need.

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What is an EMC Antenna?

An EMC antenna is used to measure radiated emissions and radiated immunity during the EMC testing. They are used for EMC measurements in rugged environments for emission measurements and immunity tests in an anechoic chamber and/or outdoors.

EMC receiver antennas are precisely calibrated to record unwanted device emissions. Receiver antennas are used to capture the worst-case emissions caused by the Equipment Under Test (EUT). The captured emissions are recorded in the EMI receiver. The recorded values are then compared with the limit determined by international standards (IEC, ISO, CISPR, EU, etc.).

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