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EMC Antenna kits are boxes which contains various set of antenna along with connectors, adapters and other accessories to conduct EMC testing. Antenna Kits from the leading manufacturers are listed below. Narrow down on the products based on your requirement. View product details, download datasheets and get quotes on EMC Antenna Kit that you need.

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What is an EMC antenna kit?

EMC Antenna kit

An EMC antenna kit contains accessories to conduct the EMC testing. The Kits contain EMC Antennas, connectors, adapters, current probes, measurement cables and various other components and systems required when conducting all antenna-related EMC tests. The contents of the box can also be customized to meet customer requirements. The Antenna Kit is usually a padded briefcase type of box with a specific storage compartment for each component that protects components.

The EMC antennas in the antenna kit comply with the EMC standards such as FCC, CISPR, EN, BS, VDE, VG, FAA, and MIL-STD. The EMC antenna kits are ideal for use in both radiated emission and immunity EMC testing. 

Specification details of the EMC antenna kit:

Antenna types: Represents the type of antennas present in the EMC antenna kit. The antenna kit may have the EMC antennas such as log periodic antenna, biconical antenna, an active monopole antenna, passive loop antenna, and other EMC antennas.

Number of antennas: Represents the number of antennas present in the EMC antenna kit.

EMC standards: Represents the EMC standards to which the components in the antenna kit comply.

Connectors/Adapters: Represents the type of coaxial connectors, adapters, and cables present in the antenna kit to connect to the RF Generator – power amplifiers and power amplifiers-Antennas. For example,  N-Type, N-Type - Male, BNC, BNC – Male connectors. 

EMC Directory has listed EMC Antenna Test Kits from the leading manufacturers. Narrow down on the Antenna Kits based on the contents and the type of antenna required. Request quotes and information on the required. Parts.

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