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Antenna Positioners are the Equipment which are used to position antenna in desired direction for conducting EMC Tests. Antenna positioners can rotate the antenna on 360 Degree axis or position linearly. Antenna Positioners from the leading manufacturers are listed below. Use the parametric search tools to narrow down on products by type, load capacity and various other parameters. View product details, download datasheets and get quotes on Antenna Positioner that you need.

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What are the antenna Positioners?


Fig 1:Antenna positioner

Antenna positioners are metal holders that hold an antenna at a certain height from the floor level and rotate the antenna in 3 dimensions to point the EUT (equipment-under-test) for conducting EMC tests.

The antenna positioners usually feature actuators to rotate the antennas 360 degrees in both the elevation and azimuth planes. Some positioners even have actuators to adjust the linear elevation (i.e., the height of antenna positioning). The height of the antenna position can also be controlled manually.

The actuators are generally synchronous servo motors that are electronically controlled via USB or ethernet port on the positioners. The actuators use electricity via a power supply to operate. Usually, windows-based GUI software is provided to control and monitor the antenna Positioner. Remote mode control of actuators is also possible by using a network like LAN & protocols like TCP/IP.

Antenna positioners are ideal for use in EMC testing (both in emission & immunity test) in screened/anechoic rooms and open area test sites (OATS).

Key features of the antenna positioners:

1. Assembles/Disassembles Easily

2. Portable

Specification of antenna positioners:

Max load capacity: Represents the maximum EMC antenna’s weight that can be handled by the antenna positioner. It is represented in Kg.

Measurement Height: Represents the height of the EMC antenna position in the antenna positioner from the chamber floor. It is expressed in meter (m).

Position accuracy: Represents the position accuracy in each axis. It is represented in +/- X°. For example, the position accuracy of the antenna positioner may be +/- 0.03°.

Position accuracy linear: Represents the position accuracy (i.e., height) of the antenna in the Y-axis when control via Computer. It is represented in millimeters (mm).

Voltage: Represents the supply voltage to the motor mechanism associated with the antenna positioner. It is represented in Volts (V).

Current consumption: Represents the current consumption of the motor mechanism associated with the antenna positioner. It is represented in Ampere (A).

Interface: Represents the type of network and interface protocol (for example, LAN (TCP/IP) used to control the antenna position by remote control.

Weight: Represents the weight of the antenna positioner in Kg.

EMC Directory has listed Antenna Positioners from the leading manufacturers. Use the parametric search tools to narrow down on products based on your requirement. Once you find parts that meet your requirement, view product details, download the datasheet, compare products and request quotations. Inquiries sent via EMC Directory are directed to the manufacturers who get back to you with a quote or information.


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