Challenges of EMC Compliance

Challenges of EMC Compliance

The use of a filter is just one way to help mitigate emission levels but an effective way and typically a very cost-effective way. There are many other topics and things to consider regarding EMC design, which we will touch on in future discussions. It can be difficult to convince management to spend money that they may not easily see return for, but achieving compliance will be substantially easier with more evaluation
and mitigation components designed early into the development process. For example, it is much easier to change a PCB or a layout on a computer than it is to change on a completed production unit or allocate room for a filter than trying to move everything around later. Testing during development and during pre-compliance will make final compliance testing go much more easily and quickly, and will prevent stress and headaches later on in the application.

Schaffner can provide off the shelf EMC filter solutions as well as support with EMC layout from
the early stages of new product ideas or designs. Schaffner can also offer custom made solutions to help manufacturers meet any unique electrical, mechanical or EMC challenge.

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