An Engineer’s Guide to FCC Pre-Scans

  •  Laird
  • Author: Carl Turner
An Engineer’s Guide to FCC Pre-Scans

Four key points to remember about FCC pre-scans:

1. Avoid an unexpected FCC failure by pre-scanning the product early in the design cycle. Investing in pre-scans will reduce the risk of significant time-to-market delays.
2. Partner with Laird compliance to select and optimize the pre-scans! Laird works
directly with customers to select optimal pre-scans. Custom products require customized pre-scans.
3. Observe the FCC’s restricted bands of operation for products with radios. These are
often overlooked and only allow a small amount of radiated energy.
4. Resolve any failures on subsequent board designs and strive to pass with margin.
When evaluating the pre-scan results, account for measurement of tolerances.

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