Achieving EMC Compliance with Electromagnetics Design Simulation

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  • Author: Matthias Laurich
Achieving EMC Compliance with Electromagnetics Design Simulation

Electrical engineers and engineering product management teams are under tremendous pressure to meet stringent electromagnetic emissions guidelines while reducing costs and time to market. To accomplish this goal, they must reduce the complexity of board development. The decades-old process of “design, build, test, repeat” is too expensive and time consuming; with each board spin easily costing thousands of dollars, and each assembly taking between one week and one month, the time and money quickly adds up.

There is a solution to address these challenges: Electromagnetic simulation. Electromagnetic simulation replaces the time-consuming and costly prototyping by using technology to simulate electromagnetic devices. More and more companies are using simulation to identify problems, gain insight, and
work rapidly through optimization, thus reducing costly rework, enhancing employee morale, and
getting better products to market faster.

Like most solutions, not all simulation tools are created equal. Ansys offers the most accurate, robust, and complete electromagnetic simulation software on the market today. The company has years of experience developing advanced methods and emerging technology to enhance the power of physics-based engineering simulation, and it invests tremendous R&D funds every year into improving its technology.

For EMC applications, there are two Ansys tools leveraged most often: SIwave EMI scanner, which checks the PCB design for potential trouble spots, and HFSS, which is capable of simulating real-life EMC test scenarios based on standards outlined by regulatory bodies.

Reducing the complexity of circuit board development can help product development companies comply with electromagnetic emissions guidelines, reduce costs, and decrease time to market. By moving
compatibility and compliance processes from costly, time-consuming traditional methods to simulation, a company dramatically streamlines the “design, build, test, repeat” process. They validate their designs
using simulation, so they can identify and mitigate issues before the build phase even begins. This better, faster process gives companies a great competitive advantage. Ansys offers proven solutions and a commitment to the continuing development of technologies that enhance its simulation software.

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