Würth Elektronik Offering Free EMI Filter Design Tool Simulation Platform

Würth Elektronik Offering Free EMI Filter Design Tool Simulation Platform712370

Würth Elektronik has started offering the REDEXPERT, a precise simulation platform based on measured values that supports the component manufacturer's customers in selecting suitable components. It has added an EMI Filter Designer, a user-friendly function for developing filters against electromagnetic interference has been added. In the first version of the tool, which will be continuously expanded, discrete low-pass EMI filters for conducted differential interference can be developed, such as those needed for DC-DC converters.

After entering the input specifications, the REDEXPERT EMI Filter Designer calculates the optimal capacitors and inductors and outputs a suitable circuit topology. This allows the user to directly benefit from the know-how of the EMC consultants at Würth Elektronik who designed this tool. The EMI Filter Designer is available for free of cost. Free samples of the suitable components determined with the tool can be ordered directly from this for prototyping.

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