RLC Electronics: A Provider of QPL-Certified High-Performance and Reliable Mechanical Switches

RLC Electronics: A Provider of QPL-Certified High-Performance and Reliable Mechanical Switches712370

RLC Electronics, a longstanding player in the industry, remains the sole provider of mechanical switches since 1980. Established in 1952 with the Defense Cataloging and Standardization Act, the Defense Standardization Program (DSP) aimed to establish uniform standards across the US Military. Recognizing the necessity of standards, the Qualification process emerged as a means to ensure adherence to these benchmarks. RLC's QPL certification has been diligently renewed every four years since the 1980s, demonstrating their commitment to delivering high-performance and reliable products.

While numerous Mechanical Switch Manufacturers claim their products are "Designed to Meet" MIL-DTL-3928, RLC Electronics is the sole company qualified to supply against this exacting specification. With over 200 Switch Configurations listed on the QPL, all attributed to the single CAGE code associated with RLC, the company's reputation for excellence and compliance is unrivaled.

"In the market for a Mechanical Switch Qualified to MIL-DTL-3928 with a decade’s long heritage and pedigree for high performance and reliability when it really matters? Whether a listed QPL Mechanical Switch solution, or one of our standard switches (using the same people and process as the QPL product), the choice for proven reliability and performance is clear, and that choice is RLC." said Tom O, an RLC Electronics representative.

The advantages of QPL certification are manifold, as highlighted by the Defense Standardization Program. By completing rigorous evaluations and tests beforehand, qualification streamlines the procurement process and improves product availability. Moreover, qualification ensures the availability of products with the required quality, reliability, performance, and safety, fostering readiness for the armed forces.

RLC Electronics prides itself on its heritage and pedigree of providing high-quality, reliable Mechanical Switches that consistently perform when it truly matters.

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