Applus+ Laboratories Providing One-Stop Facility for all Wireless Device Testing

Applus+ Laboratories Providing One-Stop Facility for all Wireless Device Testing712370

Applus+ Laboratories, a European leader in radio testing with more than 10 years’ experience in the field, is equipped with all the facilities and recognitions required to play a pivotal role right from a product’s conception through to it going to market. Applus+ Laboratories are an active member of a number of international standardization committees and a “Full Member” of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute).

In order to gain access to the EU market, wireless devices must comply with the essential requirements set out in Directive 2014/53/EU (Radio Equipment Directive/RED). The aim of this directive is to ensure an efficient use of the radio spectrum, a suitable level of electromagnetic compatibility and the health and safety of people, domestic animals and property. Similarly, to obtain market access to the United States, radio equipment must comply with part 15 of FCC regulations. In turn, each national market has its own specific regulations (IC in Canada, VCCI in Japan, KC in South Korea, etc.) and manufacturers must ensure they comply with the legal requirements of every country in which they wish to market their products.

Applus laboratories aims to help manufacturers to reduce their products’ time to market. It offers a one-stop shop for wireless technologies:

  • Design of testing protocols
  • Pre-conformity testing
  • Compliance testing for Directive 2014/53/EU (Europe) and FCC part 15 (USA)
  • Radio type approval services for global market access
  • Interoperability testing for devices equipped with wireless technology

Testing capabilities for wireless devices

  • Electromagnetic compatibility testingof wireless devices, in particular short-range, RFID, NFC, Private Mobile Radio and WLAN/WPAN/RLAN (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, etc.) devices, GNSS receivers and mobile phones (2G/3G/4G):
    • EN 301 489-1
    • EN 301 489-3
    • EN 301 489-5
    • EN 301 489-7
    • EN 301 489-17
    • EN 301 489-24
  • Radio-spectrum protection testingof equipment intended for use in local and personal wireless networks, encompassing WLAN/WPAN/RLAN technologies (Bluetooth, W-iFi, ZigBee, etc.), short-range radio equipment up to 40GHz (generic, RFID, NFC, ISM bands, etc.) and GNSS receivers:
    • EN 300 220
    • EN 300 330
    • EN 300 328
    • EN 301 893
    • EN 300 440
    • EN 302 291
    • Intentional Radiators - FCC Part 15 Subpart C
    • U-NII without DFS Intentional Radiators - FCC Part 15, Subpart E
    • U-NII with DFS Intentional Radiators - FCC Part 15, Subpart E
    • UWB Intentional Radiators - FCC Part 15, Subpart F
    • BPL Intentional Radiators - FCC Part 15, Subpart G
    • White Space Device Intentional Radiators - FCC Part 15, Subpart H
    • ANSI C63.10 2013
  • Electrical safety testing of wireless devices
  • Radio-frequency exposure testing


  • Applus+ Laboratories can manage the entire testing plan with no need for third-party involvement
  • Its multi-disciplinary testing capabilities allow for the validation of the full range of product applications (electrical and electronic, mechanical, environmental and acoustic testing, among others)
  • Applus+ team has expertise in product- and market-specific testing technologies and standards (connected vehicles, cyber security in wireless communications, etc.)

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