UL Opens Expanded EMC and Wireless Laboratory in Italy

UL Opens Expanded EMC and Wireless Laboratory in Italy712370

UL, the global safety science leader, officially has opened expanded electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless laboratory in Carugate, Italy, 20 kilometers from Milan. The enhanced facility features an end-to-end service solution for EMC and wireless testing. It also enables UL to service a more diverse range of products for customers across multiple industries, including consumer electronics, information technology equipment, telecommunications, medical, industrial, lighting, and small and large appliances.

This is one of the first facilities in the region to help EMC and wireless customers test to global regulatory standards. Testing services for destination market regulatory compliance, safety, EMC, and radiofrequency evaluations are also available. Thanks to multiple upgrades, the expansion also allows for an increase in testing speed and capabilities for wireless professional appliances and connected industrial devices as well as connected consumer, medical, and in vitro diagnostic devices. Key facility upgrades offer manufacturers a set of enhancements, including:

A new Notified Body for European directives EMC and RED (Radio Equipment Directive), closely supporting customers through technical conformity assessments

Expanding the scope of the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment Certification Body (CB) Scheme of UL's CB testing laboratory to include capabilities for measurements services covering medical devices according to IEC 60601 and in vitro diagnostic and laboratory equipment testing according to the IEC 61010 series

New 3m and 5m semi-anechoic chambers:

A new 45,000 volt-amps (45 kVA) power supply system to perform harmonic current and flicker tests in three-phase mode up to 63 amps

The opening event, which was held live and streamed online from the new facility and Milan's Museo Della Scienza e Della Tecnologica, the largest science, and technology museum in Italy, was hosted by Silvia Bernardi, journalist, Il Sole 24 Ore and featured remarks from UL's Alberto Uggetti, senior vice president of Global and Strategic Accounts. Additionally, UL's science and engineering experts delivered insight on the Internet of Things (IoT) market in Italy, including status, trends, challenges, and opportunities as well as how UL helps enable advances in the IoT space.

In addition, during a pre-opening event for Italian media, Morten Claudi Lassen, regional vice president for UL in Europe, Francesco Marenoni, UL's sales director of Consumer, Medical and Information Technology and Salvadori Giulio, director of the Internet of Things and Connected Car & Mobility Observatories at the Politecnico Milano School of Management delivered remarks on enabling business success in southern Europe and on the current and future state of connected devices.

"We are thrilled to open our expanded EMC and wireless laboratory and help fuel the innovation that is already in tremendous abundance throughout southern Europe," said Lassen. "UL's investment in the Carugate laboratory demonstrates our commitment to offering high-performance services to southern European manufacturers locally by providing testing and certifications from a single source and at one location. It also demonstrates our commitment to empowering manufacturers with shorter development cycles, a faster time-to-market, and the ability to be more competitive in the global marketplace."

The UL EMC and wireless laboratory in Italy is part of UL's global network of EMC and wireless testing laboratories located in China, Germany, Korea, the U.K., and the U.S. Collectively, these facilities have the ability to help manufacturers meet product development timelines and budgets by helping reduce process inefficiencies and mitigating safety and performance risks throughout the entire product life cycle.

"Our strategy in growing our footprint here in Italy and throughout the world mirrors the global strategies that our customers in southern Europe have in place," said Lassen. "We know that navigating the regulatory landscape of global markets is a complex and challenging task. That's why we stand ready to address global market access needs for companies in the region, with our experts and facilities throughout the world — to help ensure a smooth destination market entry. Combining our expanded footprint with our significant global market access capabilities means we will empower customers with shorter development cycles, which equates to a faster time-to-market, the ability to be more competitive in the global marketplace, and the opportunity to continue to grow and thrive."

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