National Technical Systems Invests $1.85M to Expand the EMI/EMC Test Capacity at Massachusetts Facility

National Technical Systems Invests $1.85M to Expand the EMI/EMC Test Capacity at Massachusetts Facility712370

National Technical Systems, the leading independent provider of qualification testing, inspection, and certification solutions in North America, has announced that its laboratory in Boxborough, Massachusetts, recently invested $1.85 million to expand EMI/EMC test capacity and improve the customer experience.

The investment includes the purchase of two new EMI/EMC chambers along with one ground plane. The state-of-the-art equipment can be used to serve customers in a variety of different industries that require advanced testing, including the aerospace and defense sectors. The addition of the new chambers has expanded the NTS Boxborough’s EMI/EMC test capacity by 30%, which allows the lab to provide optimal test schedule queue times to customers in different markets.

The new equipment is part of a larger initiative to improve the customer experience. As a result, the investment includes a new building with a customer lounge, nine offices, a café, and a tech area. “We’re excited to merge the highest standard of testing with an enhanced customer experience,” said Robert Lunnin, General Manager at NTS’s Boxborough laboratory.

The lab also added a new ETS I1045 shaker system, which expands the facility’s capacity and capability for dynamics testing. The new high-powered shaker system, in conjunction with the eight shaker systems in place already, allows NTS Boxborough to service customer test schedules more quickly and effectively. “As New England’s premier test lab, the $1.85 million investment allows us to serve more customers at a quicker pace in a more comfortable setting,” continued Lunnin.

With 28 labs in North America, NTS boasts the most EMI/EMC chambers on the continent—and the Boxborough lab is currently operating nine EMI/EMC chambers to complement its numerous dynamics and environmental chambers. “We truly are the ultimate one-stop shop for testing—and we’re committed to leveraging our expanded capacity to accelerate turnaround times and keep our customers happy.”

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