Spectrum Control Launches 5G EMI Filter D-sub Connector for High Frequency Testing Enclosures

Spectrum Control Launches 5G EMI Filter D-sub Connector for High Frequency Testing Enclosures712370

Spectrum Control announced the launch of 5G EMI filter D-sub connectors that operate from 1 GHz to 6 GHz in a D-sub connector adapter form-factor. These connectors are designed for use in test enclosures for high-frequency testing, including 5G cellular hardware. The coaxial EMI filter design includes all soldered electrical connections, resulting in low ESR/ESL at frequencies up to 6 GHz and beyond. These EMI filter d-sub connectors have threaded inserts for easy installation and are RoHS compliant.

The 5G EMI filter connectors from Spectrum Control have a 25-pin adapter geometry that is perfect for test enclosure applications that require fast and easy ‘plug and play’ on both sides. They feature one-piece die-cast housing and integrated ground clips for more effective high-frequency shielding and shell-to-shell continuity. These RoHS-compliant connectors have multi-pole circuits utilizing materials specifically designed for 5G cellular bands.

Additional Specifications of the 5G Filtered D-Sub Connectors Include:

  • Dielectric withstanding voltage: 150V
  • Working voltage: 50V
  • Temperature range: -55 to 125°C
  • Capacitance levels: 1000pF and 4000pF available

These connectors have one-piece die-cast connector shells and provide unmatched high-frequency performance with shielded interface. They are fully vertically integrated (USA-manufactured ceramics), have a low cost of manufacturing and are 100% tested for defined key parameters.

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