HCT America Offering Complete EMC Testing Solutions for Military and Aerospace Equipment

HCT America Offering Complete EMC Testing Solutions for Military and Aerospace Equipment712370

HCT America Engineering conducts Military Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing, along with comprehensive test plan development, including Design Control Plans for MIL-STD and Avionics / Aerospace EMC testing. As well as MIL-STD conducted susceptibility testing, radiated susceptibility testing, and conducted and radiated emissions testing. Other types of military testing include receiver disturbance and sensitivity testing and measurement.

HCT America Engineering provides Military and Defense Aerospace EMC testing to the following standards:



RTCA DO-160D/E/F is published by RTCA, Inc.; manufacturers of commercial avionics equipment selling products in the United States, Europe, and around the globe must meet RTCA requirements.

MIL-STD-461C/D/E/F establishes the design requirements for the control of the electromagnetic emission and susceptibility characteristics of equipment and subsystems used by agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense.


EUROCAE/ED-14D is the European Union version of RTCA DO-160D

Def-Stan 59-41Def-Stan 59-41 is the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense EMC standard, similar to MIL-STD-461

Emissions testing to 18 GHz electric radiated fields, as well as conducted emissions on power mains and interconnect lines are measured from the equipment under test while configured in a typical system configuration. Various conducted susceptibility tests, including Radiated Susceptibility to 18 GHz and 100 V/M, are performed on the equipment under test as dictated by its intended operational environment.

HCT America Engineering has collected the most extensive variety of MIL-STD-specific test equipment in the Bay Area. It offers consultation on Test Plan design, as well as failure mitigation. The company has worked with clients such as Lockheed Missiles and Space, EDO RSS, CPU Technology, and UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab to deliver test results in an expedited manner for US Navy, NASA, and DoD. As well as various Space Shuttle payload projects for NASA Ames Research

Specialized Military Test Equipment

HCT America Engineering is one of the few test facilities in the Bay Area operating test equipment necessary to carry out Military Compliance Testing; Specialized antennas, pulse, burst, and signal generators. AC generators for 400Hz naval power and Elgar 1751SX 3 phase, variable frequency, power sources. All power source equipment can be routed to our Semi-Anechoic Chamber via a filtered, 4-phase power input junction. HCT America Engineering can custom fabricate any fixtures needed to facilitate your Design Control Plans or test guidelines.

HCT America Engineering Summary Of Services

HCT America specializes in but is not limited to the following types of military testing: MIL-STD-461C/D/E/F/G, RTCA DO-160D/E/F/G, EUROCAE/ED-14D and Def-Stan 59-41. It also helps clients find testing resources and facilities to assist in, shock, vibration, and environmental testing that must be completed on the equipment before delivery to the military customer.

HCT America Engineering helps clients/customers identify the minimum subset of EMC / EMI tests required to certify your military defense and aeronautic products.

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