Elite RF to Exhibit High Power RF Amplifiers at IMS 2024

Elite RF to Exhibit High Power RF Amplifiers at IMS 2024712370

Elite RF, a leading RF amplifier manufacturer in the USA, is excited to launch its new line of solid-state amplifiers at International Microwave Symposium 2024 in Washington DC. With a customer-centric philosophy and an extensive experience in the amplifier design space, they offer amplifiers for a wide range of applications, including EMC/EMI and high-power test, military, medical, communications, research, automotive, commercial, and industrial sectors. They have a wide range of off-the-shelf amplifiers to choose from starting from 9 kHz to as high as 40 GHz. Their expertise lies in providing custom-made solutions with power capabilities up to 100 kW, featuring advanced software controls.

They offer RF amplifiers in various form factors – modules, 19” rack mount system, and custom housings. They design amplifiers integrated with air-cooled or water-cooled heatsinks for thermal dissipation. Visit them at Booth#1848 to explore their offerings.

EMC RF Amplifier Systems (only RF modules also available):

  • 9kHz to 100MHz – 500W / 1000W / 3000W
  • 1GHz to 6GHz – 100W / 200W / 500W
  • 2GHz to 8GHz – 250W / 400W
  • 20MHz to 100MHz – 2000W
  • 20MHz to 1000MHz – 500W / 1500W
  • 80MHz to 1000MHz – 150W / 500W / 1000W / 3000W
  • 6GHz to 18GHz – 20W / 100W / 500W
  • 2GHz to 18GHz – 20W / 100W
  • 18GHz – 26.5GHz – 50W / 100W / 200W
  • 26.5GHz – 40GHz – 50W / 100W / 200W

Elite RF Gold Series amplifiers are their most popular amplifiers.

  • 20MHz to 6GHz – 20W
  • 30MHz to 512MHz – 100W / 200W
  • 500MHz to 2500MHz – 50W / 100W / 200W / 300W
  • 2GHz to 6GHz – 25W / 50W
  • 6GHz to 12GHz – 25W / 50W
  • X Band pulsed amplifiers with a peak of 200W

Elite RF will also be launching its 2.45 GHz 12kW solid-state high-power microwave generator at the show, designed for reliable and cost-effective industrial applications. Industries are gradually shifting to solid-state systems as they find more power stability and control when compared to magnetrons.

Click here to learn more about Elite RF's RF Amplifiers.

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