Xtalks and Element to Host "Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Compliance for Medical Devices" Webinar

Xtalks and Element to Host 712370

Xtalks, an ever-evolving portfolio of digital media formats, will be conducting a webinar on "Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Compliance for Medical Devices" covering major topics related to Medical Device, Medical Device Safety and Regulation, and Medical Device Design. The webinar will be hosted by Element Materials Technology on April 24th, 2024. 

In an upcoming webinar, expert speakers will delve into essential topics surrounding electromagnetic compatibility requirements, particularly focusing on the standards set forth in IEC 60601-1-2. The discussion will extend to the burgeoning field of radio frequency identification (RFID) immunity, wireless coexistence, and related challenges faced by connected medical devices.

Connected medical devices have additional challenges and requirements to meet before going to market. Radio regulations need to be addressed and a risk assessment is necessary to determine how the radio functions affect essential performance. In this webinar, the attendees will learn how ANSI C63.27 can be used to tackle the FDA’s interest in wireless coexistence and how AAMI TIR69 covers how to assess risks.

Medical devices also need to address differences between basic safety, essential performance and intended use. There are different requirements for various functions, many of which need different types of testing. It can be challenging to navigate these complex requirements and which requirements take precedence. This webinar is designed to help simplify this process.

With the proliferation of connected medical devices, ensuring adherence to EMC requirements and regulatory standards has become paramount. This webinar promises to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate this complex landscape, fostering innovation while ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance.

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