Washington Laboratories: Navigating the Complex World of MIL-STD-461G Compliance Testing

Washington Laboratories: Navigating the Complex World of MIL-STD-461G Compliance Testing 712370

In the world of military and aerospace systems, adhering to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements is paramount. Washington Laboratories, with its extensive expertise, is ready to guide through the complex landscape of MIL-STD-461G Compliance Testing.

Simplified Approvals Process

Obtaining approvals for products can often be a cumbersome and perplexing endeavor. However, it doesn't have to be. Washington Laboratories specializes in both testing and engineering services tailored to ensure that the products meet stringent compliance standards.

MIL-STD-461G: A Crucial Benchmark

MIL-STD-461G is the litmus test for Department of Defense (DoD) procurements, applicable to a wide array of equipment and subsystems within Military and Aerospace Systems. This comprehensive standard encompasses various test methods, ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility and interference resilience of critical systems used in:

  • Surface Ships
  • Submarines
  • Army Aircraft (Flight Line)
  • Navy Aircraft
  • Air Force Aircraft
  • Space Systems (Launch)
  • Army Ground
  • Navy Ground
  • Air Force Ground

Focusing on EMI/EMC

Washington Laboratories is equipped to provide testing and design support for a multitude of compliance aspects, including but not limited to:

  • CE101: AF Currents, Power Leads
  • CE102: RF Potentials, Power Leads
  • CE106: Antenna Port
  • CS101: Power Leads
  • CS103: Antenna Port, Intermodulation
  • CS104: Antenna Port, Rejection of Undesired Signals
  • CS105: Antenna Port, Cross-modulation
  • CS109: Structure Current
  • CS114: Bulk Cable Injection (RF)
  • CS115: Bulk Cable Injection (Impulse)
  • CS116: Damped Sinusoidal Transients
  • CS117: Lightning Induced Transients
  • CS118: Personnel Borne ESD
  • RE101: Magnetic Field
  • RE102: Electric Field
  • RE103: Antenna Spurious & Harmonic Outputs
  • RS101: Magnetic Field
  • RS103: Electric Field
  • RS105: Transient Electromagnetic Field

For companies seeking a reliable partner to ensure their products meet MIL-STD-461G compliance, Washington Laboratories stands as a trusted ally with a proven track record in EMC testing and engineering.

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