TOYO Corporation Acquires Rototest®, Paving the Way for Advanced Automotive Testing in the EV Era

TOYO Corporation Acquires Rototest®, Paving the Way for Advanced Automotive Testing in the EV Era712370

TOYO Corporation, a leading provider of advanced measurement solutions and Rototest® International AB, a global innovator in the development of hub-coupled powertrain dynamometers, announced that TOYO has acquired Rototest on November 30, 2023. Henceforth, Rototest, headquartered in Rönninge, Sweden, will operate as a subsidiary of TOYO.

An automotive powertrain dynamometer is a testing apparatus used to measure and record mechanical parameters, such as power, torque, and speed, at an automobile's drive wheels. According to the analyst firm IndustryARC, the global market size for automotive dynamometers was projected to be USD $928.1 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD $1161.5 million by 2027. Key factors driving the market demand include the rapid and transformative innovations in the domains of electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving (AD), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and connected cars.

ADAS, AD and other newer automotive innovations are technological marvels, but they pose significant challenges in terms of development and testing. Modern approaches, such as model-based development (MBD), have been adopted to address many of these challenges. MBD involves designing and developing components and entire vehicles through computer-based simulations. The industry also employs a process known as Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing, where thorough simulations involving actual hardware components are conducted to further support testing demands.

In 2016, TOYO forged a partnership with Rototest to introduce their hub-coupled dynamometers to the Japanese automotive market. The solution gained widespread acceptance due to its short setup time, user-friendly design, and portability. Since then, TOYO has expanded its dynamometer offerings by integrating them with radar and camera simulators, among other components, resulting in the creation of the Driving & Motion Test System (DMTS). This integrated system plays a crucial role in accelerating the automotive development cycle, allowing for the evaluation of diverse functions, and facilitating simulated indoor testing that accurately mirrors real-world conditions.

In December 2023, TOYO is set to deliver a DMTS to the Japan Automobile Research Institute to support their HIL testing needs. On the other side of the world, TOYOTech, TOYO’s US subsidiary, has been awarded an order for two Rototest dynamometer systems from a major automaker to accelerate their EV initiatives.

TOYO has undertaken the development of a Vehicle-in-the-Loop (VIL) solution anchored by Rototest dynamometers. VIL testing is an approach that bridges the gap between software and hardware simulations and full road testing. It involves conducting comprehensive and complex simulations using real vehicles for testing and complements existing HILS tests. This represents the final testing step that can take place in a lab setting.

Christian Engström, Rototest's CEO, expressed, "TOYO acquiring Rototest marks a significant milestone for the company. With TOYO, Rototest is poised to enhance its ability to provide innovative automotive test solutions to an even broader array of the world's leading manufacturers."

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