TOYO China Gets SMVIC Approval for Newly Installed Evaluation System for Vehicles

TOYO China Gets SMVIC Approval for Newly Installed Evaluation System for Vehicles712370

TOYO Corporation has announced that its Chinese subsidiary, TOYO China, has completed the installation of a “Wireless Communication Performance Evaluation System for Connected Vehicle” and received approval from the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (SMVIC) in August 2022.

Autonomous driving cars and connected cars cannot exist without high-quality wireless communication. As wireless communication performance is directly linked to vehicle safety, ensuring high performance is even more important for these types of vehicles compared to conventional ones.

SMVIC provides automakers with testing and certification services that permit them to sell their vehicles in the Chinese market. The organization has been approved to be the first test center for connected vehicles. SMVIC will advance its research on the test method for connected vehicles with the system we recently delivered.

The “Wireless Communication Performance Evaluation System for Connected Vehicles” is designed and developed by General Test Systems (GTS), a leading company in the field of mobile terminals, antennas, and OTA testing. The system is capable of measuring 3-dimensional antenna radiation patterns for insights into the characteristics of on-vehicle antennas and for evaluating the communication quality of 2G-5G SISO, V2X, GPS, and BeiDou. When used with certain test equipment, the system can be extended to utilize a patented Radiated Two-Stage (RTS) method approved by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for vehicles and originally used as a test method for LTE mobile terminals and base stations. This will enable the performance evaluation test for MIMO communication, a core technology for connected cars.

This system is unique. It converts an existing anechoic chamber into a hybrid test facility for EMC testing and wireless communication performance testing, both of which are essential for connected cars. The entire system was re-designed to accommodate a newly added robot arm on a mobile vehicle. The test starts automatically after the robot arm is guided to the designated position by the 2D code on the floor. The arm retracts when the test is completed.

TOYO strives to help its customers cut costs and improve utilization by proposing the optimal way to re-purpose existing anechoic chambers through a solution like this system or through technical consultation. Leveraging its broad EMC business experiences, TOYO Corporation continues to expand its business footprint not only to China but also to the United States and other overseas markets.

Key Features

  • Hybrid test facility – one large anechoic chamber serves for two essential tests for connected cars – EMC and wireless communication performance test
  • A robot arm on a mobile vehicle can set an antenna at a designated position automatically
  • Supports multiple testing needs, such as radiation performance, reception sensitivity, electromagnetic interference, multi-antenna performance evaluation, and evaluation of vehicle communication performance in natural environments
  • Extendable to a system with a 3GPP approved Radiated Two Stage Method

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