TÜV Rheinland's Northeast Technology & Innovation Center Receives Accreditation

TÜV Rheinland's Northeast Technology & Innovation Center Receives Accreditation712370

TÜV Rheinland North America has announced that it has been recognized by the National Radio Research Agency (RRA) as a conformity Assessment Body (CAB) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to verify whether equipment destined for import into Korea meets the necessary KS C, KN and KS X regulatory requirements. This prestigious accreditation not only enhances TÜV Rheinland's competitive edge but also solidifies its leadership position in the testing, inspection, and verification industry.

As part of the premium quality services offered at the new Northeast Technology and Innovation Center in Boxborough, Massachusetts, the company has achieved American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) accreditation, as well as accreditation for the full Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) scope of standards. Additionally, the center is now accredited for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star certification for a range of products including computers, imaging equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, and displays.

The company is now equipped to perform testing on a wide range of product types, including environmental, medical, consumer, industrial, automotive, commercial, telecommunications, military, marine, test and measurement, outdoor, and aerospace products.

"We are proud to have obtained these accreditations for our multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art technology product testing and certification facility. This is a testament to our commitment to offering comprehensive solutions to our customers, as well as providing expertise and extensive knowledge of applicable regulations in countries around the world that will accelerate our customers' time to market. Also, I would like to express my deep pride, gratitude, and appreciation for the team involved as they have laid the foundation for TÜV Rheinland's future for years to come", said Ryan Braman, Local Field Manager, Commercial - Operations at TÜV Rheinland North America.

These accreditations confirm the Northeast Technology and Innovation Center, along with its specialized collaborators, meet the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. This signifies that they possess the technical expertise to perform tests accurately and reliably, ensuring dependable results.

"The trust of our customers is one of our pillars, so as an accredited third-party we can assure them that in our new laboratory they can find competitive advantages to accelerate their production times and market entry because we perform tests on time and with quality, thanks to our 12 laboratory spaces distributed in the 65,000 square feet of our facility, which have high-end technology and specialized technicians," said Jamisen Franks, Test Engineer, Team Lead - Operations at TÜV Rheinland North America.

To meet the testing requirements for products across various industries, the Northeast Technology and Innovation Center features state-of-the-art laboratories. These include a 10-meter semianechoic chamber, ranked in the top 1% in the U.S. for equipment size, as well as advanced electrical, mechanical, and safety testing laboratories. Additionally, the center boasts medical product safety laboratories, an environmental lab for salt, vibration, and climate chamber testing, a flammability materials lab, glow wire and pressure ball testing facilities, an Energy Star lab, and more.

"These important accreditations represent the strengthening of our leadership in serving the various industries in the United States; as we will be able to driver the EMC testing industry, which is expected to grow to $3.25 billion by 2028, as a result of the globalization of electronics manufacturing, the rise of IoT devices as well as medical devices, the accelerated growth of electric vehicles, which is the third largest industry in the U.S.; the expansion of renewable energy technologies, the rise of telecommuting technologies, the integration of AI and machine learning, advances in aerospace technologies, among others," said Bruce Fagley, Principal Test Engineer - Electrical - EMC at TÜV Rheinland North America.

TÜV Rheinland reaffirms its mission to create a safer and more sustainable world with the accreditation of its Northeast Technology and Innovation Center. This unique facility in the U.S. offers advanced equipment and research capabilities for customers across various industries, helping them meet regulations and international standards to fulfill market requirements.

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