STC Offers Leading Medical Device Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Facility

STC Offers Leading Medical Device Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Facility712370

STC, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre, is offering Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing services for medical devices such as: Medical Electrical Equipment and In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) Medical Equipment. 

STC has established a pre-clinical medical device R&D test platform that meets international standards, and set up a series of full-featured laboratories such as passive medical device laboratories and active medical device laboratories. They meet the pre-clinical R&D testing needs of medical device manufacturers as well as providing one-stop service, including chemical characterization, biocompatibility testing, large animal testing, microbiological testing, safety and performance verification, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing and more.

Biological Testing (ISO 10993/ GB/T 16886)

Electrical Testing (IEC 60601/ GB 9706)

About STC

STC was established in 1963 as Hong Kong’s first independent and not-for-profit Testing, Inspection and Certification organization. is accredited by HKAS, CNAS, DAkkS, CPSC, SATRA, LUCIDEON, JTA and MHLW for specific test items as listed on the respective scope of accreditation.

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