Shanghai Concludes Construction of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Inspection, Testing Base

Shanghai Concludes Construction of Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Inspection, Testing Base 712370

Shanghai, according to government of Jiading district, has the first third-party hydrogen and fuel cell testing and R&D public service platform in Shanghai, covering technologies such as fuel cell vehicles, engines, stacks, and key components, has been constructed at the Jiading Hydrogen Port, and the related laboratories are set to be put into use gradually.

Known as the Shanghai Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Inspection and Testing Base, the base occupies an area of approximately 50mu and includes facilities such as hydrogen vehicle testing building, hydrogen component testing building, and auxiliary testing buildings, with a total construction area of about 50,000m2.

The base boasts an EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) laboratory within the hydrogen vehicle testing building, spanning over 3,000m3. This laboratory stands as the largest and most comprehensive vehicle EMC laboratory in the East China region, specifically designed for hydrogen vehicle testing. It features hydrogen gas detection and water vapor separation devices and has undergone specialized structural and ventilation design to ensure safety during testing.

Within the hydrogen component testing building, there's a dedicated fuel cell stack laboratory, capable of simulating various complex and extreme environments to conduct comprehensive safety and reliability tests on batteries. This laboratory is capable to handle performance, reliability, and durability tests for 400kW fuel cell stacks, including condition simulation, failure analysis, stack control strategy development, safety testing, and more. Additionally, it conducts temperature tests ranging from -40°C to +125°C, including temperature shock tests and cold start tests from -40°C to 0°C.

Overall, the base comprises 15 laboratories, including specialized facilities such as the light and heavy vehicle hub environmental laboratory, the laboratory of four-wheel-drive powertrain for fuel cell vehicle, and the fuel cell engine laboratory. These facilities provide a comprehensive suite of research, development, testing, and certification capabilities at the component, system, and vehicle levels.

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