Laird Connectivity Pioneers Seamless Certification Journey for Partners in RF Product Development

Laird Connectivity Pioneers Seamless Certification Journey for Partners in RF Product Development712370

Laird Connectivity, as a leading force in wireless and RF product development, guides partners from understanding requirements to achieving global certifications. Their laboratories feature mobile benches, test stations, and equipment, allowing adaptable workspaces that cater to the unique needs of each product. The flexible laboratory strategy reduces test setup time and ensures greater consistency in test configurations. Capacities include Electrically Fast Transient Immunity, Lightning Surge, Electrostatic Discharge, Magnetic Field Immunity, Radiated/Conducted Disturbances, and Voltage Fluctuations/Short Interrupts.

Laird Connectivity's commitment to simplicity and efficiency is reflected in its comprehensive certification process. The step-by-step journey includes:

  • Understanding Requirements
  • Researching Standards
  • Developing Test Plans
  • On-site EMC and RF Testing for US/Canada/Europe
  • Troubleshooting Failures
  • Managing the Filing Process
  • Facilitating International Regulatory Compliance
  • Managing Renewals
  • Serving as Regulatory Experts

Design with Confidence: Laird Connectivity's test engineers collaborate with partners before, during, and after EMC testing, providing troubleshooting and guidance at every stage. With a specialized focus on wireless testing, the company brings a wealth of expertise, ensuring products meet certification standards globally.

Certification Testing Expertise: Laird Connectivity, boasting ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, specializes in Intentional Radiation Testing crucial for wireless or RF product certification. The company conducts testing for certifications in the US, Canada, the European Union, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan.

Global Certifications and Compliance Testing: For partners seeking global certifications, Laird Connectivity offers international testing services to fulfill diverse requirements. Additionally, the company extends its expertise to compliance testing for non-wireless products, covering General Emissions Testing and Immunity/Susceptibility Testing to meet EMC requirements worldwide.

Troubleshooting and Medical Testing: With 30 years of experience, Laird Connectivity assists partners in troubleshooting and failure analysis during the compliance phase. The company is fully equipped to perform IEC 60601-1-2 Medical EMC Testing, AIM 7351731 Testing, and ANSI 63.27 Medical Co-Existence Testing for FDA 510K submissions.

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