IB-Lenhardt Offers High-End Military Systems and Components Testing for Short Range Radar Systems

IB-Lenhardt Offers High-End Military Systems and Components Testing for Short Range Radar Systems712370

IB-Lenhardt AG, a recognized testing partner, designs and delivers EMC and RF testing programmes for your communications and short-range radar systems. Customers benefit from their support from the initial test plan development
through the final test reporting.

Accredited EMC and RF Testing Services

The armament and defense industry produces more and more high-tech components and systems such as software-defined portable radios, drones, fusion goggles as well as radio remote ignition systems and tactical on-board radios, that must be able to withstand the highest levels of stress and be absolutely accurate, reliable and secure in the field. This is accompanied by the highest demands on the development, verification and testing of the military defense equipment.

In order to avoid risks from special influences from the military environment for the safety and operation of tactical communication and radar systems, complex procedures are used in the testing of military defense systems, to ensure that the characteristics of these radiocommunication systems are within the limits of the standard.

Defense Communication Equipment

Defense Communication Equipment, particularly for military, tactical, and law enforcement radios, prioritizes robustness and reliability. These systems are designed to ensure successful voice and data communication in various situations. Additionally, they excel in surveillance by receiving all radio signals across the entire frequency range and facilitate geolocation for real-time tracking of asset tracking devices. Moreover, these equipment aid in navigation, enabling effective maneuvering in performance-based environments.


EMC Testing for the Military Defense Industry

As your reliable partner for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, IB-Lenhardt AG and its subsidiary IBL-Lab GmbH offer comprehensive EMC testing according to military standards to meet the requirements for military communication systems and components at an early stage of development.

The analysis of emissions and immunity provides information about the potentially unwanted propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy and high-frequency interference. EMC testing is mandatory to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of components and mitigate vulnerability to outside sources.


High-End Military Radio Equipment

Instruments used in tactical communications radio segments are required to cover a wide range of applications and complex technologies. Testing these high-end military radio equipment requires know-how, high-quality equipment and competent engineers to verify single analog and digital components.

Performing MIL-STD testing for suppliers of military systems, sub-systems, and components includes among others interoperability and coexistence tests. With the measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz we offer the highest performance and reliability.

IB-Lenhardt AG and IBL-Lab GmbH enable radio frequency qualification according to international standards and customization for private or national security standards.

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