ETS-Lindgren Optimizing its Products for Testing of Advanced Wi-Fi 7 Wireless Solutions

ETS-Lindgren Optimizing its Products for Testing of Advanced Wi-Fi 7 Wireless Solutions712370

ETS-Lindgren, a renowned leader in testing and measuring wireless devices, is optimizing its products to capitalize on the revolutionary advancements brought forth by Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7™ (Wi-Fi 7). As Wi-Fi 7 continues to reshape the landscape of wireless technology, ETS-Lindgren stands at the forefront, ready to deliver unparalleled solutions that define the future of testing and measurement.

Wi-Fi 7 is a significant leap forward in wireless technology, introducing features such as 320 MHz channels, Multi-link Operation (MLO), 4K QAM, 512 Compressed Block Ack, and Multiple RUs to a single STA. These innovations translate into tangible benefits, including 2x increase in throughput, deterministic latency, enhanced efficiency, greater reliability, a 20% boost in transmission rates, reduced transmission overhead, and improved spectral efficiency.

Leveraging the groundbreaking capabilities of Wi-Fi 7, ETS-Lindgren is proactively aligning itself to provide forward-looking testing services and products. The utilization of Anritsu WLAN tester MT8862A for WiFi 7 OTA testing, specifically for TRP and TIS, is a key highlight. ETS-Lindgren is committed to assisting manufacturers in certifying and optimizing the performance of devices and networks in accordance with Wi-Fi 7 standards. Among the diverse range of test chambers offered by the AMS family, standout models such as the AMS-8050 and AMS-8923 series are strategically positioned to facilitate thorough testing of Wi-Fi 7 capabilities in wireless devices.

In an era of rapid technological evolution, Wi-Fi 7 presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation. “At ETS-Lindgren, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of test and measurement methodologies. Our upcoming solutions are designed to not only meet but exceed the expectations set by Wi-Fi 7, ensuring our clients stay at the forefront of wireless technology," says Jari Vikstedt, Director of Design Engineering at ETS-Lindgren.

The diverse range of products and solutions offered by ETS-Lindgren will play a pivotal role in supporting the seamless implementation of Wi-Fi 7. This includes wireless test and measurement equipment, RF (radio frequency) testing chambers, anechoic chambers designed for antenna testing, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing solutions.

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