ETS-Lindgren and Boonton Partner to Enhance EMC Testing at Leading Commercial Lab

ETS-Lindgren and Boonton Partner to Enhance EMC Testing at Leading Commercial Lab712370

ETS-Lindgren has partnered with Boonton, a leading expert in power sensors, to enhance EMC testing capabilities at a prominent commercial test lab. This collaboration has resulted in the incorporation of Boonton's RTP4106 Power Sensor into the lab's setup, promising superior measurement speed, precision, and cost-efficiency.

The synergy between ETS-Lindgren and Boonton came into play when this commercial lab sought to upgrade its EMC testing facilities by harnessing the power of Boonton's advanced power sensors. Boonton's sensors are celebrated for their ability to deliver rapid, accurate measurements at a competitive price point, making them an attractive choice for EMC testing.

The linchpin in this partnership was ETS-Lindgren's Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Automation Software, TILE! (Totally Integrated Laboratory Environment). TILE! has an instrumentation-agnostic profile, allowing it to easily integrate with various instrumentation brands, including Boonton. This flexibility renders TILE! a versatile platform for conducting EMC tests.

TILE! offers an extensive library of profiles meticulously designed to meet international test regulations for radiated emissions and immunity (RE, RI) and conducted emissions and immunity (CE, CI). To facilitate the integration of Boonton's RTP4106 Power Sensor, ETS-Lindgren's software engineers collaborated closely with Boonton's application engineers.

Walt Strickler, Boonton's VP of Product Development and Product Management, commented, "It was gratifying that lab management specifically asked for the RTP4106 for their test laboratory use. A combination of the TILE! flexible platform and our easy-to-integrate sensor API made it possible for ETS-Lindgren to provide a driver quickly, which allowed lab personnel to use TILE! with the RTP4106 and save significant test time."

Boonton's RTP4000 series of Real-Time True Average Power Sensors, including Model RTP4106, proved to be the ideal choice for EMC measurements due to its extensive frequency coverage ranging from 4 kHz to 6 GHz. The sensor's exceptional test throughput enables an impressive 100,000 measurements per second, making it suitable for long-term measurement data collection. It employs Real-Time Power Processing™ technology, ensuring uninterrupted signal acquisition with zero measurement latency.

The integration of Boonton's PMX40 RF Power Meter into TILE! further enriches the EMC testing experience. This USB-connected power sensor can be used either independently or alongside the RTP4106, offering users a versatile bench-top power meter experience. Boonton's newly developed drivers have now joined TILE!'s extensive library of more than 1,600 drivers.

Michael Christopher, Director of Software Engineering at ETS-Lindgren, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Boonton is well known for the quality of their power sensors; we were honored to partner with such a prestigious, conscientious manufacturer. They do not cut corners and they share our commitment to providing top-notch customer service.”

ETS-Lindgren also integrated Boonton’s PMX40 RF Power Meter into TILE! As a USB-connected power sensor, the RTP4106 can be used alone or with the PMX40, which provides a bench-top power meter experience for the user. Boonton’s new drivers now join the library of more than 1,600 drivers available with TILE!

Click here for more details on the RTP4000 series of Real-Time True Average Power Sensors from Boonton.

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