Element Chooses MVG as Preferred Vendor for Expansion of Testing Capabilities in the UK

Element Chooses MVG as Preferred Vendor for Expansion of Testing Capabilities in the UK712370

Element, a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services, has selected MVG as their preferred vendor for expanding RF, EMC, and SAR test chamber capabilities in the UK, to bolster their testing capabilities.

Steve Hayes, Technical Director of Connected Technologies at Element Materials Technology, emphasized the importance of their partnership with MVG, stating, "The reason we keep coming back to MVG is that we have the confidence that if things go wrong, MVG will step in and make it work."

The surge in wireless technology adoption, coupled with the increasing complexity of electronic devices, has prompted a significant rise in demand for testing capacity. Element has been proactive in addressing this trend by collaborating with MVG to enhance their testing capacity and capabilities. This collaboration comes at a time when the electronics and wireless industries are experiencing rapid growth and innovation. Element's expansion of its facilities aims to accommodate the diverse testing needs of its customers, spanning from early R&D to production.

"We have several service capabilities in many of our facilities around the world," Hayes explained. "Instead of having a customer go around to different facilities, they can tune and test their product to completion in one location. Increased product complexity is the driver for why we need more EMC/RF shielded boxes and chambers."

Testing organizations like Element, a global provider of testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services for a diverse range of products, materials, and technologies in advanced industrial supply chains, are experiencing these trends first hand. In response, Element has been working hand-in-hand with MVG to steadily enhance its testing capacity and capabilities to meet the needs of Element’s existing and future customers. 


Most regions of the world require some form of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing for electrical/electronic products to be brought to market. In regions with safety limits and health restrictions on wireless technologies, specific absorption rate (SAR) testing is also a necessary step in getting product approval for products that are used on or close to the body. Every wireless communication/networking standard has a set of requirements that devices must meet in order to be certified. Many organizations perform testing at the prototype stage to troubleshoot failures early in product development, reducing lead times and costs at the later stages of the product development cycle. 

Element has expanded its facilities to accommodate the growing volume and diversity of customers’ testing needs. Headquartered in the UK, the leading TIC provider operates a network of over 270 laboratories in more than 30 countries, with 50 acquisitions made across the business since 2011. Element supports customers from early R&D, through complex regulatory approvals and into production. 

Looking ahead, Element anticipates further expansion in testing capacity, particularly in high-frequency testing. As new applications emerge, such as those operating in the millimeter-wave frequency ranges, Element plans to explore the addition of more high-frequency chambers to meet the growing demand. By partnering with MVG, Element is poised to meet the evolving challenges of modern wireless testing and continue delivering exceptional testing services to its customers.

Click here to learn more about Element's Irvine, California EMC Testing Facility. 

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