Calitron Calibration Laboratory Offers Enhanced EMC Testing with NABL Accreditation and ISO Certification

Calitron Calibration Laboratory Offers Enhanced EMC Testing with NABL Accreditation and ISO CertificationCalitron Calibration Laboratory, based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, proudly holds NABL Accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2017, establishing itself as a trusted provider of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Laboratory Testing Services. The company specializes in offerings such as EFT (Electrical Fast Transients) Laboratory Testing Services, Surge Laboratory Testing Services, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Immunity Testing Services, and compliance services.712370

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, the company facilitates the rental of EMC generators on a daily basis, delivering Precompliance Testing Services and certification in alignment with ISO/IEC 17025:2017. These services are essential for achieving product testing and approval, especially for obtaining the CE Marking.

Calitron Calibration Laboratory's expertise extends to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Laboratory Testing Services and EMC Laboratory Testing Services. These services are pivotal in ensuring the proper performance of products under the electromagnetic environment they are expected to operate in. The testing encompasses various aspects, including electrical and structural design, equipment installation, wiring installation, and equipment qualification.

Key Features of EMC Testing Services:

  1. EFT Testing:

    • Voltage range: 0.25 up to 4.4kV
    • Source impedance: 50ohm
    • Pulse front time at 50ohm: 5ns
    • Pulse duration at 50ohm: 50ns
    • Spike repetition frequency: up to 1MHz
    • Programmable parameter ramps: voltage, spike frequency, burst duration, synchronization
    • Spike distribution: IEC burst pattern and random
  2. CWG Testing:

    • Voltage range: 0.25 up to 6kV
    • Current range: 0.125 up to 3kA
    • Source impedance: 2ohm
    • Pulse front time at open circuit: 1.2µs
    • Pulse duration at open circuit: 50µs
    • Pulse front time at short circuit: 8µs
    • Pulse duration at short circuit: 20µs
    • Pulse repetition: up to 20 pulses per minute
    • Programmable parameter ramps: voltage, synchronization
    • Synchronization on power lines: 16Hz up to 400Hz

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