Applus+ Labs Boosts Automotive Testing in Italy with New EMC Chamber for High-Voltage Components

Applus+ Labs Boosts Automotive Testing in Italy with New EMC Chamber for High-Voltage Components712370

Applus+ Laboratories has expanded its service offer in Italy with a new EMC chamber for high-voltage automotive components. This accomplishment forms part of a larger round of investments in their global laboratory network to support the electrification of the automotive industry. The incorporation of a chamber to test high-voltage automotive components reinforces Applus+ Laboratories’ presence in Europe as a first-class facility.

Its 7.2 x 5.7 x 3.3 m dimensions allow ground plane setups of up to 5 x 1 m or 3 x 2 m, a perfect testing scenario for new electric and hybrid vehicle components testing. This is especially useful when testing the complex interactions between automotive components and low and high-voltage systems, such as onboard chargers (OBC) or DC-DC converters. The chamber also counts with auxiliary equipment to test samples of up to 1500 V DC and up to 400 A, with dedicated 400 V AC 3-phase systems.

Post the upgrades, Applus+ Laboratories’ technological testing centre in Amaro, north-eastern Italy has been declared as fully fit to meet the stringent electrification testing requirements of the automotive industry. This includes immunity (EMI) and susceptibility (EMS) testing for conducted and radiated tests.

With Amaro's laboratory testing equipment and facilities, validation of high and low-voltage automotive components (with a wide range of EMC, electrical, climatic and vibration tests) can be performed. An electrical test bench for testing high-voltage components according to LV123 requirements has also been included.

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