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The Series 600 from Select Fabricators are RF/EMI Shielded Enclosures for frequencies from 1 to 18 GHz. They provide a shielding effectiveness of 90 dB and have been tested to meet IEEE 299 Standards. These enclosures are made using Nova™ durable, high attenuating, silver/copper/nickel plated nylon and feature a flame retardant/resistant liner, an ESD liner for static control, and sound reduction/absorbing lining with sound masking systems. They are available as tabletop enclosures and have dimensions measuring from 24 x 24 x 24 inches to 48 x 48 x 48 inches and are ideal for EMC testing, wireless device testing, and EMI shielding applications.

The Series 600 enclosures have various interface options including Ethernet RJ-45 TCP/IP, RS422/485, and USB, and are equipped with SMA, N-Type, and BNC connectors. These enclosures use two strips of heavy-duty flexible magnet to create a tight conductive seal. They provide option for ventilation using RF shielded honeycomb vents and fan and provide air circulation while suppressing un-wanted RF/EMI interference.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number :
    Series 600
  • Manufacturer :
    Select Fabricators
  • Description :
    Tabletop RF/EMI Shielding Enclosures from 1 to 18 GHz

General Parameters

  • Frequency :
    1 to 18 GHz
  • Shielding Effectiveness :
    90 dB
  • No of Layers :
    1 Layer, 2 Layers
  • Dimensions :
    24 x 24 x Inches to 48 x 48x 48 Inches
  • Interface :
    Ethernet RJ-45 TCP/IP, RS422/485, USB
  • Connectors :
    SMA, N Type, BNC
  • Applications :
    EMC Testing, Wireless Device Testing, EMI shielding

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