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9 Jan, 2024 Newsletter - EMC Directory

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Date: 9 Jan, 2024
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Latest News this Week
Spectrum Control's MIL-STD-461 Modular Power Filter Sets New Standards for Performance and Flexibility

Spectrum Control

Fujitsu General EMC Laboratory Provides EMC Measurement, Testing and Consulting Services in Japan


STest Facility in Ankara Offers State-of-the-Art EMI/EMC Testing in Accredited Test Rooms


Technalia Redefines Industry Standards with Advanced EMC Testing for Electronics


ESA's YPSat Satellite to Undergo EMC Testing Before Integration on Ariane 6 Launch Vehicle


MPS Enhances Military EMC Testing with Advanced Specifications and Equipment

Monolithic Power

EMTAC Accelerates Support for Consumer Electronic Manufacturers with Comprehensive Testing Services


Mobix Labs Completes Acquisition of EMI Solutions

EMI Solutions

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EMC Standards Overview
EMC Standard Overview 6.0
EMC testing is all about standards. Whether you are developing 5G products, automotive equipment, military equipment or something as simple as a common table lamp, your device must meet requirements set by standardization bodies such as IEC, CISPR, ISO, IEEE, CENELEC, ETSI, FCC, ANSI, RTCA or the MIL-STD committee. Click here to learn more.
New White Papers & Articles
Building a Virtual Electromagnetic Test Environment for Aerospace and Automotive Platforms - EMA
Electromagnetic Pulse and Its Impact on The Design Of Mission Critical Facilities - SHUMATE
Protecting sensitive electronics power circuits from EMI; designing for performance and size - Spectrum Control
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Featured Products this Week
EMC Power Amplifiers
100 W CW/Pulsed Solid State Power Amplifier from 6 to 12 GHz
EMC Power Amplifiers  from Exodus Advanced Communications
The AMP2053B-1 from Exodus Advanced Communications is a Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA) that operates from 6 to 12 GHz. It delivers a CW/Pulsed output power of more than 100 with a gain of 50 dB and a gain control range of 20 dB. This class A/AB SSPA includes built-in input power and load VSWR protection circuits with extensive monitoring.
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EMC / EMI Filter
Rugged, High-Reliability MIL-STD-461 Modular Power EMC/EMI Filters
EMC / EMI Filter  from Spectrum Control
The MIL-STD-461 Modular Power Filters from Spectrum Control are designed for high performance and reliability in applications where SWaP-C are critical considerations. They have a modular filter lineup ensuring high-frequency attenuation up to an impressive 1 GHz in common mode and deliver superior EMI filtering performance. These configurable filters provide excellent flexibility, addressing diverse EMI filtering needs.
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Anechoic Chamber
10-meter Semi Anechoic EMC Chamber with a Quiet Zone of 4-meter
Anechoic Chamber  from Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions GmbH
The SAC-10-4/P from Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions is a 10-meter test range SAC with pyramidal absorbers. The chamber’s cutting-edge long-pyramid absorber technology delivers outstanding performance in emissions and immunity testing. It ensures the utmost homogeneity and accuracy of impedance across the entire frequency spectrum. This test chamber has a quiet zone diameter of 4 m at a 10.0-meter test distance.
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Harmonics & Flicker Analyzer
Fully-Compliant Single-Phase Harmonics and Flicker Analyzer
Harmonics & Flicker Analyzer  from AMETEK CTS GmbH
The DPA 500N from AMETEK CTS is a Single-Phase Harmonics and Flicker analyzer. It follows the design specifications as per IEC 61000-4-7 (for Class I) and IEC/EN 61000-4-15 and fully complies with the IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-12, IEC 61000-3-3 and JIS 61000-3-2 requirements. This analyzer offers a wide-range current input (up to 50 A) to prevent data loss during range switching, and its versatility allows for measurement classification selection before or after the process.
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EMC Shielded Camera
EMI-Shielded 1920 x 1080 Pixels HD Camera System
EMC Shielded Camera  from ETS-Lindgren
The Model 4340 from ETS-Lindgren is an EMI-Shielded Camera with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 60 frames per second (FPS). This RF-hardened camera comes with a fully gasketed case and a shielded dome and provides a cost-effective means of visual monitoring in areas where EMI field strengths are present. It supports a 21x optical zoom with an additional 31x component.
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Antenna Positioners
360° Heavy Duty 3-Dimensional Rotary Positioner
Antenna Positioners  from TDK RF SOLUTIONS INC.
The 3DM-02 from TDK RF Solutions is a 3-Dimensional Antenna Positioner specifically built for heavy-duty operations. It rotates on two axes, with the turntable delivering critical information for one axis and the roll axis ensuring The SAC-10-4/P from Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions is a 10-meter test range SAC with pyramidal absorbers. The chamber’s cutting-edge long-pyramid absorber technology delivers outstanding performance in emissions and immunity testing.
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EFT / Burst Generator
5 kV Burst Generator for Electromagnetic Immunity Testing Against EFTs
EFT / Burst Generator  from HILO-Test
The EFTG-CE5 from HILO-Test is a Burst Generator that is designed for testing electromagnetic immunity against electrical fast transients (EFTs). It provides burst pulses, which are adjustable in frequency, amplitude, duration and repetition rate. This generator can provide an output voltage of up to 5 kV and adheres to IEC 61000-4-4, providing rapid transient pulses with a 5/50 ns waveform and a maximum burst frequency of 1 MHz.
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EMC Power Amplifiers
300 W Pulsed TWT RF Amplifier from 6 to 18 GHz
EMC Power Amplifiers  from Advanced Amplifiers
The AA-618G-300-T from Advanced Amplifiers is a TWT RF Amplifier that operates from 6 to 18 GHz. It delivers a pulsed output power of 300 W with a gain of more than 54 dB. This amplifier has a modern TWT design with internal monitoring and built-in protection circuits. It supports pulse width from 0.1 µs to CW, has a repetition rate of up to 500 kHz and a rise/fall time of less than 25 ns.
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EMC Absorbers
1.5 kW/m², Fire-Retardant Hollow Absorber from 30 MHz to 40 GHz
EMC Absorbers  from MVG EMC
The AEP-60-MPX from Microwave Vision Group (MVG) is a Hollow Absorber designed for the frequency range from 30 MHz to 40 GHz. This lightweight absorber can handle power of up to 1.5 kW per square meter and provides 65 dB absorption at normal incidence at 40 GHz. The absorber is pyramidal in structure and has a square base with uniform thickness that ensures outstanding impedance matching but also minimizes reflections.
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