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  • Am Hasenbiel 42 76297 Stutensee Germany
  • Am Hasenbiel 42 76297 Stutensee Germany
  • ISO 9001 : 2015
HILO-Test GmbH was founded in 1978 and already the following year, the first pulse generator was developed and sold. We are the largest and oldest German manufacturer of EMC devices with a very wide range of products. Our success is based on the one hand on the long tradition and experience of an established company and on the other hand on the enthusiasm and innovation capability of a young technology company. As an innovative EMC pioneer and test system developer, we have acquired extensive and valuable know-how in our field with our employees. Our company is young, fresh and full of new ideas. We want to keep our fingers on the pulse of modern technology and move ahead.

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  • ISO 9001:2008
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