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Volts to dBm Conversion

Many engineering applications require voltage values that vary logarithmically. That’s where the relationship between volts and dBm comes in. dBm is a measure of power ratio in decibel (dB) referenced to one milliwatt (mW). It is an abbreviation for dB with respect to 1 mW and the "m" in dBm stands for milliwatt.

This calculator will determine the Power in dBm when the voltage value (V) is entered into the input.

The conversion of volts in dBm is expressed as:

P(dBm) = 10 × log10((Vrms2 × 1000) / Z)


P(dBm) is Power in dBm

Vrms is the Voltage in volts

Z is the impedance (usually RF systems have 50-ohms impedance)

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