Conducted Current Measurement Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the conducted current in decibels (dBµA) from current probe terminal voltage dBµV and probe factor dBO

Enter probe output voltage and probe factor to get the respected current in decibels

  • dBµV


  • Current

dBµA - Unknown current in decibels relative to one microamp / dBµA    (i.e., unknown current flowing through the cable or conductor).

dBµV - Probe output or Reading, in decibel voltage (dBµV)

dBΩ   - Probe factor or transfer impedance in decibels

Ω        -  Probe factor or transfer impedance in linear scale

The equation is based on the Ohms law where I = V/R, but in logarithmic scale, the division converts to subtraction and we get the above formula for calculating dBµA. Probe factor can be given in linear or logarithmic scale, when given a linear value it will be converted to log scale and results will be calculated.

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