Antenna and Sensor Design For ADAS AND AV

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Antenna and Sensor Design For ADAS AND AV

Creating safe and reliable ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems requires close collaboration and integration of high fidelity multi-physics simulation. Designing components and systems without taking these complex interactions into account is not possible while ensuring peak performance and adequate time to market.

A combined modeling and simulation approach gives designers and systems integrators the tools
they need to build a “virtual twin” of both individual ADAS components and full systems as an integral part of the vehicle, for testing without the need for a physical prototype. Thus ‘vehicles’ can be driven millions or even billions of virtual miles in realistic high fidelity environments to validate ADAS systems in a huge variety of realistic scenarios.

Dassault Systèmes offers a complete end-to-end solution for ADAS design on the 3DEXPERIENCE®
platform, powering collaboration and communication between different stakeholders, bringing together all the different components and other data into a single source of truth while also protecting confidential information, ensuring full traceability throughout the entire development process. Enterprises employing this approach can not only cut development time and cost, but unlock untapped innovation and reduce risk on their way to the next level of autonomous driving.

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