UK Government Announces Series of Webinars for UKCA Mark Conformity

UK Government Announces Series of Webinars for UKCA Mark Conformity712370

The UK Government has announced it will be hosting a series of webinars on the incoming changes facing manufacturers to conform with the new UKCA safety mark. These webinars will run at least once a month up to December to address and take questions from specialists and trade bodies working across a range of supply chains and sectors.

Topics set to be covered will include how to ensure conformity assessment, and how to understand the different marking and labelling requirements for products. A specialist webinar for understanding the specific impact UKCA mark regime for construction products will be held at a later date that is yet to be confirmed. Several dedicated question and answer sessions will also be held online by the government with the first being held on 22 September.

Businesses such as HVAC manufacturers based in Wales, England and Scotland are required to ensure that certain products being sold in the UK carry the UKCA mark form 1 January 2023. The mark will replace the EU certification used in the EU, with the exception of Northern Ireland that will continue to operate under the existing system due to the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Any manufacturers based on the UK mainland looking to provide their goods to EU markets will also need to ensure their products carry the CE mark. Construction products such as radiators, sealants and tile adhesives will be among goods that must carry the UKCA mark.

The government earlier this year announced that products such as HVAC equipment that already have obtained a valid CE safety mark from EU approved testing bodies before the end of 2022 will not need to retest the same products when applying to obtain the UKCA designation.

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