TÜV Rheinland Building Multi-Million Dollar Technology Product Testing and Certification Facility in the US

TÜV Rheinland Building Multi-Million Dollar Technology Product Testing and Certification Facility in the US712370

TÜV Rheinland begins construction of a new multi-million dollar, advanced technology product testing and certification facility in the greater Boston region. This product safety and quality platform will also serve as a technology and innovation center, supporting domestic and global customers with their product and technology needs in the fields of testing and certification. The state-of-the-art facility is expected to be operational at the end of 2023, becoming a first of its kind in the Northeast US. Products supported services include categories such as charging stations, energy storage systems, home appliances, connected products, high technology components and systems, medical devices, and robotics. 

"TÜV Rheinland has made major commitments in continued growth and development of its core business in the US”, says Kimmo Fuller, Business Executive Vice President Products. Demand for product testing and certification in North America has grown steadily in recent years. “Massachusetts has long been characterized as a land of creation and a birthplace of new technologies. This significant next step showcases our commitment to our customers in the US."

The full-service hub affords customers with end-to-end solutions at various stages of the product lifecycle, while providing space for collaboration, troubleshooting, training, meetings and customer space. Clients and partners with complex strategies and needs will be able to take full advantage of time savings, assist in decreasing their time to market, onsite collaboration with engineering and compliance advisors, and access to regulatory expertise. The dramatically larger footprint will include a comprehensive electrical safety, wireless, EMC and Environmental testing infrastructure, productive office space for client interactions, and an exciting new office environment. The new site is located approximately 12 miles from the existing location.

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