EMC & CI To Host EMC Conference in May 2022

EMC & CI To Host EMC Conference in May 2022712370

The UK’s only independent EMC show, EMC & CI is hosting an event scheduled to take place at Newbury Racecourse in May 2022. The event will be taking place at the Newbury Racecourse in Newbury, Berkshire, and will feature an exhibition of compliance technology companies and consultants, alongside training and technical workshops and guest talks from experts in EMC and compliance. 

The training workshops at EMC and Compliance International 2022 will be delivered by, amongst others, Keith Armstrong, a global expert on EMC. The various workshops will cover important topics such as circuit design and shielding for signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI) and EMC, EMC for traction converters, conducted emissions in the aerospace sector, and many others.

“Each year it becomes increasingly important for engineers to have a strong understanding of EMC and interference,” explained Keith Armstrong, EMC Expert at EMCStandards. “Bringing back the EMC UK conferences in this new format, with a wider scope to encompass all compliance-related activities, is necessary for engineers. The conference is structured to equip attendees with the required knowledge to avoid the safety risks, elevated project costs, and hindered profitability of interference issues.”

2021's ‘virtual’ event attracted several guest speakers who have offered to provide keynote presentations on the following:-

  • Antennas, and Real-Time Spectrum Analyser Measurements.
  • Simulation
  • RED (the Radio Equipment Directive)
  • High Power EMC
  • Brexit, CE and UKCA Marking
  • Transport, Systems, and Installations

In addition, world-renowned EMC expert, Keith Armstrong, will be providing 2 days’ worth of online training and accompanying notes on: -

  • Why “CE+CE=CE” cannot be relied upon for EMC compliance
  • Low-cost, quick, benchtop EMC testing helps de-risk all project stages
  • How to achieve EMC Compliance under the RED
  • Practical Electronic Design Techniques for Cost-Effective SI, PI, and EMC in 2021  

All of the exhibitors for the next real event, in 2022 are also beginning to add content to the exhibitors' area, which means that visitors to the site and subsequent events can both be trained, informed, and find solution providers in one go.

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