DEKRA to Showcase Expertise on Electromobility at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe

DEKRA to Showcase Expertise on Electromobility at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe712370

DEKRA, a renowned testing service provider with its headquarters in Stuttgart, will take center stage once again at the upcoming Automotive Testing Expo Europe. The Automotive Testing Expo Europe, scheduled to take place from the 13th to 15th of June, is set to be the premier international trade fair for testing, development, and validation technologies in the automotive sector.

DEKRA's wide range of services caters to the automotive and supplier industry, covering areas such as development support, homologation, quality assurance, and comprehensive inspection and testing services, including those for alternative drives. The company's focus at the trade show will be on electromobility services, reflecting the growing significance of electric vehicles in the automotive landscape.

With a global network of laboratories and test sites in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, the USA, and Asia, DEKRA offers comprehensive testing solutions for connected, automated, and electrically driven vehicles. The company's expertise spans various areas, including automated driving, wireless communication, charging technology, electromagnetic compatibility, and testing of electric motors and drive axles. By providing services from a single source, DEKRA ensures its customers receive seamless support throughout the testing and validation process.

A highlight of DEKRA's presence at the Automotive Testing Expo will be its focus on electromobility. Recently, the company inaugurated a new electric motor test bench at the DEKRA Automobil Test Center (DATC) in Brandenburg, Germany. Erik Pellmann, head of DATC, explains that the test bench enables the comprehensive testing of complete electric drive axles, encompassing electric motors, inverters, and transmissions. This investment aligns with DEKRA's commitment to adapting its powertrain and emissions laboratory to meet the evolving market demands of electromobility.

In addition to showcasing their services at the trade fair, DEKRA will also contribute their expertise to the conference program. Krishan Feigl, Head of Automotive Cybersecurity of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA, will address the challenges in verifying and validating components related to automotive cybersecurity. As vehicles become increasingly connected, the potential threats of manipulation pose a significant concern. DEKRA, recognized as a Technical Service under UNR-155, offers corresponding services to support vehicle manufacturers.

Simultaneously, alongside the Automotive Testing Expo, the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo will also be taking place at the Stuttgart exhibition center. DEKRA will participate in this event as well, delivering an expert presentation. Thomas Jäger, Senior Vice President of Global Connectivity of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA, will discuss the latest developments in V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology, current regulatory and certification frameworks, and the testing requirements for connected and automated driving.

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