APD Sets Industry Standard for Safe Medical Power Supplies

APD Sets Industry Standard for Safe Medical Power Supplies712370

APD, a long-term strategic partner of global medical manufacturers, obtained various certifications and accolades, including ISO 13485 for quality management and "National Grade High-tech Enterprise" qualification. The company's commitment to R&D and manufacturing excellence has earned the trust of customers worldwide.

To ensure compliance with the latest safety and EMC standards, APD has invested in state-of-the-art laboratories, including UL safety labs and EMC labs. These facilities enable comprehensive certification testing and research to meet the diverse requirements of power products across different industries. APD has also studied and interpreted the new GB 9706.1-2020 standard for medical power supplies in China, ensuring their products align with the latest regulations.

APD's medical power supplies find applications in a wide range of devices, including ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps, and medical aesthetic instruments. These power supplies adhere to rigorous safety standards such as IEC 60601 and UL 60601, offering features like 2 x MOPP insulation protection and low leakage currents to enhance patient safety. They also provide stable power output and optimal heat dissipation, with designs optimized for electromagnetic interference and anti-interference performance. The products incorporate various protective functions and operate quietly, creating a calm environment for patients.

APD's commitment to safety, reliability, and electromagnetic compatibility underscores its leadership in manufacturing standards for medical power supplies, enabling the company to cater to the diverse needs of the medical industry.

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